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FNTP II ALSIM flight simulator enables training institutions to improve the training quality and reduce the costs. According to the EASA requirements, up to 70% of practical training flights can be flown in such simulator is at least 2-3 times cheaper than the real aircraft. This simulator can be used starting from PPL license program up to MEP CPL(A) with IR and multi-crew cooperation MCC training. At the same time it is a good means to keep the qualification for those pilots who do not fly a lot. The use of such simulator should be important for the Lithuanian Air Force for training their pilots, maintaining their qualification and their examination. 
The simulator has the flight models for the C-172, PA-34, B200 Super King Air, ATR-42 aircraft installed. A much wider scope of training can be performed here including the emergencies simulation that would be dangerous or impossible during a real training flight. The cockpit instruments in the simulator allow several types of instrument and avionics display including EFIS, therefore it is suitable for training professional pilots who plan to fly commercially. The simulator database includes over 30 European and other major airports. 
The simulator is certified by the Lithuanian CAA which is the member of the JAA.